A sampling of my work

Thanks so much for your interest in my projects. Please let me know if there are any questions I can answer that may not be covered here.


Longleaf Piney Resort

Upon starting a new tiny home “glampground” in Hattiesburg, Mississippi, this business owner contacted me to create his branding from scratch. Nestled off the Longleaf Trace, the name was an easy choice. From there, we ended up with a style reminiscent of vintage travel posters.

Staco Decorative Iron

This business owner contacted me to design a new logo after he acquired this existing company. We went for a strong vibe with easy recognizability as to what the company does, which is decorative designs in iron decor.

Robertson’s Retrievers

An avid Retriever lover needed a logo to use for his dog training business, and came to me wanting to use the face of his own beloved pup. He was thrilled with the result.

Go Mississippi App Icon

During my time as a fulltime designer and art director with Mississippi Magazine, I designed the logo/app icon for their first mobile app, which showed lots of places to visit, dine, and stay in the Magnolia State and how to get there. I incorporated a compass inside a magnolia, combined with the yellow line of the highway.

Home-Land Title and
Homeland Neighborhood Management

These two sister businesses needed logos—one for the loan closing side, and one for the HOA management side.


Here are just a couple of samples of recent print work. However, I have extensive experience in print advertising and design, as I was art director for Mississippi Magazine, a bi-monthly regional publication which has been in business for 40 years. I have designed and produced thousands and thousands of pages that have been brought to life on the printing press.


“Lori made my business come to life!  She developed the most incredible logo for Longleaf Piney Resort. Lori took my vision and made it all come alive with the look, feel and layout of my website, and even helped me set up my social media. She helped my business get quickly noticed through all of her creative and technical expertise. Lori is an invaluable resource for marketing, design and technical help that I could have never been able to do on my own.”

Sean McGee

Owner, Longleaf Piney Resort

Frequently asked questions

Why pay for a website when there are sites out there where I can build it myself for free?

Well, for some people, that is certainly the right choice. But there are things to consider about those free platforms:

• It’s a time investment. What other things could you be doing that make you money while you are figuring out how to use the platform? If I build your site, you can get on with other business. BUT, we will also provide you with educational resources for you to make image or text changes yourself easily when the site is done and ownership is transferred to you. Oh, and if you sign up for the optional web maintenance plan, an hour of time every month is included for minor content changes.

• Customization is limited. You have to make your content fit their capability. Also, if you do customize, it’s usually “gated” and will cost you. The websites we build have practically limitless possibilities when changing colors, fonts, shapes, menus, animations, etc.

• You don’t own the code that built your site. If something goes wrong or the platform goes down, you cannot “pack it up” and move it to another host. If you lose it, you will have to start over. With a self-hosted WordPress site, your whole site will be backed up and if necessary, could be moved to a new host in a matter of minutes.

• It’s hard to find help. If you do decide you need some help, it’s very hard to find a designer or developer to work on those sites. The WordPress community is filled with helpful people and lots of great freelancers. Of course if we do your website, no worries…we got your back!

What do I have to pay you to get started?

A $600 deposit is required to get started on this package, because there is significant initial time and expense involved on our end. Once the logo is approved, an invoice will be sent for another payment of $600. Then, when the website is approved, we will send an invoice for the remaining $595. When payment is received, we go live! All payments are invoiced and received electronically.

Do you provide the copy and the photos?

Not within this particular package. This was designed this to allow new business owners to get the best basic elements at the most affordable rate. So, all images and and text will come from you, based on the page structure you approve. We are happy to help with writing copy or providing images for an additional cost. If that is something you would like for us to handle, just reach out and we will chat about your needs.

How long will it take?

Realistically, we could be done in 2-4 weeks, depending on how quickly your feedback is received, and how fast you provide your images and text content for the website.

What if I need a more complex site with more functionality?

We can certainly help you with a more complicated site, including e-commerce or the submission of forms, for example. Just reach out and tell me what you have in mind and we will chat about adding that on to the cost. Or, we can start with the simple site included in the package, and add on to it later!

What is the process? How do we communicate, etc.?

If you decide that you would like to get started, you’ll receive a link to a contract along with a link to pay the deposit. Once we are “signed and sealed,” You’ll get all the details on how to send content, approvals, etc.

I already have a logo. Can you just do a website? (Or vice versa)

Of course. That is the “typical” process for any other job—one element at a time. Just contact us on the form on the home page or by email at hello@brechtelcreativeservices.com and we will chat about your needs.

What files will I get for my logo?

You’ll receive JPG, PNG, and vector files; basically everything you need for print, web, or product use. If there is a less common file that you need, we will be happy to provide it for you.

I don't have a NEW business, but I need all these elements done from scratch. Can I take advantage of this package?

Sure, providing that we ARE starting from scratch with a new logo and website, and not adapting exisitng ones!

I would BEE HAPPY TO talk to you about this package!

To talk more about whether this package is for you, drop me a line below, and we can set up a call or a meeting. Thanks for buzzing by!

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