Is your font…your type?

When choosing a font specifically for your logo or branding elements, there is a lot more to think about than “Oh, I like this typeface.”

Before you start searching for fonts, think about your product or service. Fonts evoke feelings and convey a vibe. You don’t want to unknowingly repel the folks you are seeking to attract. Ask yourself some questions before you narrow down your choices:

Is this font readable?

If not, it’s a non-starter. It may have elaborate, beautiful swashes or cool shadows, but if your potential clients can’t read it, none of that matters. Also, keep in mind how it will look at varying sizes. Will you be able to read this font on a social media feed as well as on a billboard? Don’t choose fancy over function. Save the swirly, busy fonts for background art or graphic elements that are not vital to read.

Will this font appeal to my target market?

For example, if you are in the construction business, it’s probably a bad idea to use a script font in your logo, right? You want to convey a feeling of strength and solidity. Better to find a bold font, preferably non-italic. (I mean, your buildings don’t lean and neither does your logo, amirite?) On the other hand, if you are, say, a fashion blogger, really heavy block fonts probably shouldn’t be your style. Find something modern and maybe a little more dainty, but still readable of course!

Is this font outdated?

Unless you are specifically going for a themed or vintage vibe, you want to avoid outdated fonts. A disco-looking font is great for 70s consignment shop. For a new boutique, not so much. (I’m looking at you, Bookman)

Also, remember that a font that nails the look you want to achieve in your logo text or headlines may not work as body copy. So think ahead to how your main logo type will be paired in combination with another font in advertising or promotional products. Personally, I like to see a little yin and yang in a finished ad or graphic. A bold with a narrow. A serif with a sans-serif. A textured with a smooth. Most font sites have a testing field to type in an example phrase to see if you like a font before you commit to it. So play with the fonts and see what you think works for you. Or (here comes the shameless plug) you can just contact me using the form below and let me design your branding. I am happy to hear about your company and what you want to achieve, so that I can create a memorable and meaningful logo that is uniquely yours.


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